Dental insurance, Use it or Lose it

Don’t toss away good money by neglecting to use services you’ve already paid for. Your dental insurance plan works best for you when you put it to work on a regular basis. OBT Dental Clinic will explain how.

Exhaust your benefits

Most health insurance benefits operate on an annual basis, from January 1 to December 31. Preventative appointments (exams and cleanings) are typically fully covered by insurance.

Know your deductible

The money you’ve already spent toward your deductible will reset to zero on January 1st. Call your insurance provider to see what you´ve spent so far this year toward your deductible and also to find out if any treatments you´re considering are covered. If you´ve met or are close to meeting your deductible for this year, you may be able to save money by completing a treatment in this year instead of next.

Use FSA funds

Another great reason to schedule a dentist appointment before the end of 2019 is to spend any remaining balance in your flexible spendin account (FSA). This is an account that you establish through your employer, and that you may have select to have some of your pre-tax pay put into. Use it or lose it: If you don´t use all your FSA by the end of the year, you´ll lose them.

Dental Treatment

Don’t delay dental treatments because of money. Dental problems tend to worsen (and become more expensive) the longer they go untreated. We see many patients with significant problems that would have otherwise been minimal if they had come in earlier.

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